Dock Street School Supply list 2022-2023


  • Necessary Items: Please purchase all necessary items.   
Notebook: Spiral 3 or 5 subject, 3 ring binder, and dividers, 6 Composition notebooks Paper:  Loose-leaf  
Folders: (8) Manila and Pocket  Highlighters (5 any color) 
Pens: (2 boxes) Blue, Black  Bookmarks (2)  
Pencils:  (2) regular and (1) Colored, eraser tops for pencils Post-it Notes (2 packs)

Index Cards (2 packs) 


  • Additional supplies you may purchase to donate to the classrooms: Hand Sanitizer, Box of tissues, makers, crayons, Glue sticks, Copy paper, Scotch tape, Scissors, Paper towels, construction paper, Clorox wipes  
  • Materials to ensure students have at home: Copy paper, Stapler, staples, pencil sharpener, construction paper, Scissors  

 Specialized Supplies by subject

  PE/Health: All Grades  

Master lock  
Care Kit (Deodorant, hand sanitizer, lotion)  

 Mathematics: All Grades  

Graph Paper, Ruler (12 inch), Protractor 
TI-84 Plus Calculator (for Regents- grade 8 only)  

 Social Studies /Science: All grades  

Composition notebook (7th grade science only)  
1.5-inch binder (6th grade science only)  
Living Environment Barron’s Regents book (Grade 8 only)  
Headphones (helpful when using devices in class)