Healing From Racial Trauma

1.5 hour workshop for body, heart and mind (open to all)

About this Event

We have all been traumatized by the police killings, police brutality, destruction and chaos taking place in our country. While each of us has a unique history based on race, class, gender, and more, dealing with trauma is important for all of us to stay healthy and to continue working towards collective transformation.
This workshop builds on the concepts shared in the June 1 workshop, but anyone can join for the first time.
In this 1.5-hour workshop, racial healing expert Milagros Phillips will lead us through:

  • The role of trauma in destabilization
  • Where racial trauma lives in your body, regardless of the color of your skin
  • Treatments to settle the body and mind

Join us on Monday, June 8th 2020, as we treat mind, body, spirit and emotions. This workshop will build on what we did last week, but anyone can join for the first time this week. Upon registration, you will be sent an email with details.
This is a private link for free tickets. Please share it with friends, family, or coworkers who might not be able to afford the $20 ticket — but please do not post this link publicly.
Thank you for your support!

What’s next? Here are 4 things you can do

1. Join us again LIVE next Monday, June 8 at 12 ET, and recruit a friend, colleague or family member to join. The price is $20, and free tickets are once again available here on this link (share the link with people who need it, but please don’t post it publicly).

Share the event with organizations whose staff and leadership are dealing with racial trauma right now.

We will build on the concepts and practices shared in the June 1 workshop, but anyone can join for the first time.

Register Here for Monday, June 8th
2. Watch the video from yesterday’s workshop, and commit to doing the “Settling After Trauma” meditation a certain number of times this week. The meditation starts at the 46:36 mark. (The video is a private YouTube link. Again, feel free to share it with those who need it, but please don’t post it publicly).
Watch the Video
3. Deepen and spread racial healing through Milagros’ books, 11 Reasons to Become Race Literate, 8 Essentials to a Race Conversation, Speaking Race in Healthcare, or books by other race healers like Resma Menachen (My Grandmother’s Hands) and Dr. Joy DeGruy (Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome).
4. Advocate for Race Equity Coaching in your workplace or Racial Healing in your community that goes beyond surface-level “diversity training” and gets at the root of the problem.
5. Let us know how we can support you by filling out this short survey. We collected your questions in the chat yesterday, and will do our best to incorporate them in next week’s workshop.

Resources and Links

Thanks to all the great suggestions in the chat yesterday!

Video: Scientists are Saying Slavery may be Encoded in Genetics

Video: Why the Heart is the Key to Healing

40+ Books for AntiRacist Teachers

27 books to help you talk to your kids about racism

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

31 Children’s books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance

Racists Are Recruiting. Watch Your White Sons.

We are at a choice point

We can either continue living the nightmare of racism, or heal ourselves and begin building a world of justice and peace. Our hearts know what is possible.

See you next week!