The Dock Street Schools core belief is that education adds immeasurable value to our human existence. It empowers us to dream, enlightens us to our potential for greatness and liberates us to take hold of the unknown.

The Dock Street School provides a rigorous college preparatory education with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (STEAM).

Our goal is to foster curiosity, independence and problem solving in young people so that they are able to adapt to an ever changing and complex world.

Students will engage with an authentic STEAM curriculum and work closely with cultural partners in order to develop a deep appreciation for ideas and the habits of mind of experts. Through their enriched academic experiences, students will build upon their existing critical thinking skills and become decision makers who are able to act responsibly and compassionately toward their communities.

The vision of The Dock Street School is to create a school culture where all students are immersed in a challenging, inquiry-based, college preparatory STEAM curriculum. This culture will prepare students to be reflective life-long learners who go in search of fulfilling their potential while caring for the world around them.  We want our students to commit to a strong work ethic that embraces challenge and excellence. Lighting the torch of motivation, appreciation, endurance, triumph and success alongside the support of our partnerships with families, cultural institutions and experts in the STEAM fields, The Dock Street School will provide an enriched academic experience that will foster curiosity, independence and problem solving for our leaders of tomorrow.