We have a phenomenal  opportunity  for  your 7th grade child to participate in the StuyPrep  SHSAT summer  test prep program organized by Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association (the “SHSAA”). The StuyPrep summer program will tremendously increase your child’s chances to  gain admission to Stuyvesant High School and the other specialized high schools of New York City  such as Brooklyn Latin and Brooklyn Tech. This program is valuable even if your child is  in other test prep programs. The Program is funded and operated by SHSAA and is completely free for all students. The specialized high schools are among the best high schools in the entire country. Attending one is an opportunity to be surrounded by bright and motivated classmates. The specialized high schools create environments where students often find themselves wanting to work harder to achieve greater things (positive peer pressure).
This year, Stuyvesant is taking all applications from students, and teacher recommendations through the website. There is a section of the website titled “Apply,” where students can complete an online application form. You can visit www.stuyprep.org (please note that it is .ORG!) to apply for the program.

There are two required parts of the application: 1) the standard application form with parental consents, an essay, and other basic information; and 2) all students must complete a diagnostic exam (there is a link provided on the stuyprep.org website, where students will be asked to complete an online diagnostic exam).  Stuyvesant will not accept any student who has not completed both parts.
 If you do not have access to a computer or would like your child to complete the diagnostic test at Dock Street, please e-mail cynthiamcknght@gmail.com (no “i” in the night part.  Please submit applications ASAP because there are limited space in this fantastic free program.